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Zhejiang Industrial Group Food Processing Factory

Imitation Crab Meat; Squid condiment food; Fish Balls; Oden fried products

Tuesday,Nov 20, 2018
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About Us
 The food processing factory is subordinate to Zhejiang Xingye Group Co., Ltd., which is located in Ganlan Town, Dinghai District, Zhoushan City, Zhejiang Province. The factory is located in the seat of the company. There is neither other factory nor enterprise that does harm to food production nearby, nor rubbish yard within the 100 meters’ reach.
The factory was moved from Putuo District Zhoushan City in late 2017. It was formally built and tested in March 2018, covering a total area of 3850 square meters and a total building area of 4500 square meters, of which the main plant was 3000 square and the dressing room 300 square meters. The factory is mainly divided into hotline workshop, pre-fried products workshop and packaging workshop and its affiliated, administrative departments and so on. The factory has 120 employees and 50 temporary workers.
The factory has a imitation crab meat producing line imported from Japan with 90's level, one line for producing fish ba... [More Information]
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